Waterline Cleaner

Waterline concerns? Mint-A-Kleen® is the leading liquid cleaner for dental unit waterlines. EPA/FDA registered and available in all 50 states (EPA 85298-2). Compatible with all dental unit water systems, Mint-A-Kleen®’s proven formula and protocol cleans, controls, and removes microbial contamination in dental unit waterlines, bottles, and equipment.

Fast and ready to use. No mixing. No dilution.
Use just 4 fl. oz. once per week; a single 16 fl. oz. bottle lasts one month per operatory.
Mint blue solution is formulated without harsh chemicals; will not corrode, clog, or leave residue in waterlines, bottles, or equipment..
Proven Chlorhexidine Gluconate Formula
Directly contacts waterline walls and bottles for thorough treatment, cleaning, and protection of waterlines and equipment.

  • CASE OF 10 X 16oz BOTTLES
    Not Available in Canada
    Manufacturer: Anodia Systems
    EPA 85298-2
  • MSRP Pricing, Net cost may vary
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