ToeSok Toe Board Covers

The ToeSok is available in three sizes;

A-4210 Toe Board Cover – Regular (Fits Adec 1005, 1020, 1021, 1040, Belmont, Beaverstate, Boyd, Dentech U2 & Endurance, DTE [except “j” & “S” Chairs], Engle, Forest, Healthco Celebrity, MDT, Marus, Midmark, P & C [Chairman & Coachman], Ritter Knight, Royal and many others).

A-4215 Toe Board Cover – Plush (Fits Adec Plush, Belmont Plush, Midmark Plush, Pelton & Crane Plush and many other Plush Upholsteries).

A-4220 Toe Board Cover – Slimline (Fits Adec 311, 411, 511, DCI, Kavo, Dentech ECO19, ECO21, Sting, Pedo Chairs and many other thin upholstery sets). These clear vinyl toe board covers protect and refresh the appearance of the chair and eliminate the hassles of velcro or snaps. The design’s use of heavy duty upholstery elastic makes it easy to install and creates an appearance as nice, or nicer than the OEM toe board covers.

• Clear Industrial Vinyl
• Sure Grip – Won’t Slide Off
• Quickly Slips Over Toe of Chair
• Industrial Strength Elastic Backing
• Keeps Upholstery Looking Crisp and Clean
• Precision Trimming for a Professional Look

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