Parts Warehouse is looking for an inside Tech Service Rep with extensive field service experience. If you or someone you know might be tired of lifting chairs up two flights of stairs and are ready for a transition from the field to a dynamic inside position, look no further.

All we ask is a great personality, ability to troubleshoot over the phone, and adequate organizational skills. The ability to stay on point, respect the time of customers, and identify when others are ready to wrap up a conversation quickly, effectively and pleasantly is paramount.  (you know if this is you or not). You will need several years field experience on repair of Dental Delivery Systems under your belt.

Basic computer and spelling skills are required but we don’t care if you are a hunt and peck typing advocate.

Other duties may include some simple website updates, assistance with product design, creating technical bulletins for the field, and any other extraordinary skillsets you might have.

Parts Warehouse is looking for a Sales/Marketing individual well versed in aspects of the dental industry to head up our Sales and Customer Service programs.  Note that this is not a Shirt & Tie position and your desk will be in an open carpeted area at ground zero right in the middle of all the activity. But it will be interesting, we can guarantee that much. We are casual and fun.

Duties include helping to advance our general sales program and specifically provide global assistance to our burgeoning customer base. Helping develop programs that will assist our dealer base, input on new products, managing aspects of customer service, creating product awareness for the field, personally handling special high profile accounts, and any other extraordinary skillsets you might have.  Applicant must be willing to relocate to NW Washington and not feed the dog too many snacks. Very little travel required, if at all.

Drop us a line with lots of great details & questions to if you are interested, and we will respond promptly.